Clärenore Stinnes - Miss Stinnes drives around the world

23.04.2017 - 10.08.2017

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The exhibition tells the story of Clärenore Stinnes who, 90 years ago, was the first person to circle the earth with an automobile. Already as a little girl, Clärenore Stinnes was thrilled by cars and travelling.
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At the age of 18, she passed her driving license exam and started to drive care racings. In 1926, she wanted to experience the world from her own point of view and decided to wage a trip around the world. Successfully she searched for sponsors and started her expedition in 1927 in a brand new Adler Standard 6. In her team were two mechanics and the Swedish Cameraman Carl-Axel Söderström. They had to drive 48,000 kilometers. Clärenore Stinnes successfully completed her adventurous journey in June 1929 in Berlin. The focus of the exhibition is the unique film and photo material that Carl-Axel Söderström has recorded during this journey around the world.
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