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The second Tour of the permanent exhibition of the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts Leipzig is based on the theme "Asian Art. Impetus for Europe". The items on show originate partly from East Asia (China/Japan), and partly from primarily Islamic cultural areas, which stretch from Egypt over West Asia (focusing on Iran) right to India.
Rosenwassersprenger, Nordindien, 18./19. Jh.
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GRASSI Museum Leipzig
Johannisplatz 5–11
04103 Leipzig

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The second tour of the permanent exhibition comprises items of Asian art in the Pfeiler Hall gallery and its two adjoining rooms. This leads on to the third tour, which is dedicated to selected exhibits from the Art Nouveau period and up to the present day.
The highlights of Asien arts inclus a precious Coromandel lacquered visor from J Japan - this is in addition to all of the other exhibits that have been hidden from public view for several decades.
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