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Only a small part of the extensive anthropological collections of the National Museum is exhibited. (skeletal remains or cremains of more 20,000 people).
Anthropological Exhibition
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The National museum
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Czech Republic 

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The methods used by anthropologists for obtaining a picture of the people to whom the discovered bones belonged, are outlined in four sections.
The first two sections demonstrate the two most important methods employed in the study of the skeletal remains – osteometry (measurement of bones) and osteomorphoscopy (description of bones) – by these means it is possible to determine sex, age and even the original appearance of the deceased.
The third section demonstrates special findings that led to the comparison of populations (or the investigation of relationships, which can even result in an individual identification of the person.)
The fourth section is devoted to diseases that can be identified from a skeleton and to injuries the person did not survive or that, on the other hand, were successfully treated. Most of the exhibits come from archaeological excavations of early medieval sites, but there are also older findings; modern skeletal remains are exhibited only in exceptional cases.
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Due to renovations the main building of this museum is closed since July 2011.

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