Everyday Life in the GDR

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With objects, documents, film and sound recordings the permanent exhibition shows the tension between reality and expectations in the GDR.
Museum in der Kulturbrauerei
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Museum in the Kulturbrauerei
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in detail

The gap between political claims and eveyday life in the GDR is visualized in four subject areas:

Life was fundamentally dictated by parameters set by the SED-regime. Few approved the SED, the majority simply conformed; opposition figures and dissidents were kept under surveillance and persecuted.

Mass organisations and workers' collectives set the pace of daily life, thus producing a feeling of togetherness and cohesion, but they also had the function of control.

The SED's promise of a better life under Socialism is contrasted with real shortages in everyday life. How people countered shortages by private initiative and creativity is also shown.

A trabi with a roof tent and a dacha stand for the escape of many East Germans from political and social control by retreating into their private lives. But these kinds of refuges could not compensate for the lack of freedom and self-determination.
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