Double Village

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The photographys by Benjamim Enes Pereira summon the concept of Dual Village in this exhibition that the museum now presents again
Benjamim Enes Pereira: Aldeia Dupla
© Benjamim Enes Pereira

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Luz Museum
Largo da Igreja de N. Sra. da Luz
7240-100 Mourão

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After its first edition, in the museum and the village, in 2013, the exhibition "Double Village" is back at the Museu da Luz (Sala da Água/ Water Room).
A set of photographys, mostly by the ethnologist Benjamin Enes Pereira, that leads us on a journey that begins with the Alqueva dam and crosses the old and the new places, establishing the idea of the Luz as a dual village.

Some objetcs from the ethnographic collection of the museum enrich this exhibition at Sala da Agua.
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