Egypt - Land of Immortality

16.11.2014 - 30.07.2017

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The exhibition "Egypt - Land of Immortality" is the first presentation of the new focus of the collection of Ancient Egyptian Art and Culture in the Reiss-Engelhorn museums.
Exhibition has ended.
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Museum Weltkulturen D5
68159 Mannheim

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Museum Weltkulturen D5

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Visitors can experience all important phases of the advanced civilisation on the Nile. The fascinating world of the gods is explored, while the Egyptian scripts and the cult of the dead are also showcased. The exhibits reflects the impressive range of Ancient Egyptian art.
Special highlights are the brilliantly illustrated, 9-metre-long Book of the Dead of Amenemhat and some outstanding finds from the pyramid cemetery of Giza. The faithful reconstruction of an artistically decorated tomb from around 1400 BCE enables visitors to delve into the exciting world of Ancient Egypt.
collections: 2,50/2,00/6-18y 1,50 EUR; exhibitions: 12,00/8,00/6-18y 5,00 EUR
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