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No matter if you are a Graz expert or a beginner, the new historical exhibition of GrazMuseum will definitely show you a city you do not know yet. Because we have turned history upside down here. You can view it from multiple angles, take it apart, and put it together again.
360GRAZ permanent exhibition
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Sackstraße 18
8010 Graz

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in detail

You can view the city history of Graz in fast forward at discretion: the history of political events embedded in European developments, the transformation of the city’s external appearance, its expansion into its surrounding area, and the most important stages of city development.

But you can also take a look at a level underneath it and then discover the following: history can be told from various perspectives. From the elevated perspective of the town citizenry or “from below”, from the perspective of poor people, women, and strangers. And then it becomes exciting.

To see Graz with fresh eyes. Temporal limits are suspended when banal places, everyday locations, and “innocent” buildings are “brought” into the exhibition and light is shed on their history. A history which often gives account of the persecution of dissidents, exclusion and misery. You will experience how your view of the city of Graz and history as such changes step by step, room by room. Perhaps, you will find your own history and your family’s again, or the history of your residential district or workplace, and you will possibly walk through Graz with a new awareness in your everyday life.

A museum is no museum. Like any other permanent collection on display, 360GRAZ too presents exhibits from the museum’s collection. Yet this is also where any similarity comes to an end. For a different view on the city also involves a different view on the museum and its collecting activity.

Who exhibits which history here? And to which purpose? 360GRAZ does not present any historical “truths”, any “closed grand narrative”, or flattering facade but objects, “key objects”, and interpretations. For in our new historical exhibition, you, the visitors of the museum, are the directors. You are cordially invited to see it for yourself and make sense of what Graz has become and how it is.
We hope you enjoy this!
Adults: € 5,–
Reduced: € 3,–
Annual ticket: € 14,–
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