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The Pompidou Centre houses the national museum of modern art, offering some of the world's most complete collections. It also mounts shows and concerts, and contains a modern library (the Bpi), cinemas and the Institute of Musical Research (the Ircam).
Centre Pompidou. Angle from the rue Saint-Martin and rue Saint-Merri
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Since its creation in the very heart of Paris in 1977, the high-tech architecture of the Pompidou Centre and the originality of its multidisciplinary approach have combined to make this Mecca of contemporary culture famous worldwide. The national museum of modern art is the only museum in the world today to offer an overview of all of the creative work of the 20th century within a single, multidisciplinary, chronological approach.

From Fauvism to the various movements of the 1950s, the modern collection reveals the Museum's rich heritage: Matisse, Klein, Miró, Picasso, Braque, Duchamp, Kandinsky, Soulages, Léger, Ernst, Hantaï, Giacometti, Dubuffet, among others.

The major movements of artistic life from the 1960s to current times are also represented, including: Pop Art with Warhol, Oldenburg, Rauschenberg; New Realism with Arman, César, and Op Art.

The Pompidou Centre calendar offers prestigious exhibitions with three main themes:
observing the cultural changes of our times; improving our knowledge of the 20th century; and emphasising our commitment to contemporary creativity.

The Bpi (the public library of information) is an encyclopaedic library on contemporary knowledge, and a vast resource of online documentation about all the compartments of modern knowledge: science, history, philosophy, languages, etc.

The Institute of Musical Research (Ircam) welcomes and encourages a rich interaction between musical creation and research. It is developing its publishing activities in order to contribute to the documentation of contemporary music.

The multi-disciplinary context of the Georges-Pompidou Centre also enhances the possibilities for collaborative works (dance, film, video, sound installations).

The Pompidou Centre offers, throughout the year, a varied programme of events: talks, forums and debates, dance and theatre, concerts, and films.
Centre Pompidou
Adult 13 or 11 EUR / concessions 10 or 9 EUR (depending on the period)
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